After you return the Purchase Questionnaire, I will prepare an invoice so that you can pay for your book cover. I will also send you an Acceptance document confirming the details of your purchase and providing you with the licence(s) you require in order to be able to use the design. Please make sure you read this document carefully and let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss the document.

A sample version of an Agreement document is shown below, so that you can be fully aware of the terms before you decide to purchase a cover.

I know that these documents can be a bit difficult to read sometimes, so I have also provided a summary of some of the key points. Please bear in mind that this is just a summary – the terms in the full document are what you are agreeing to.

In summary


  • I retain the copyright for the cover design and artwork
  • I am granting you a licence to use that design for your book cover
  • Which licences you are getting are shown in the Agreement (for example, whether it is just for an ebook, or for an ebook and a paperback)
  • You are getting an exclusive licence, which means your cover will not be resold to anyone else
  • You are getting a worldwide licence, which means you can sell books with that cover design on anywhere in the world
  • I am allowed to use the design for self-promotion (for example, sharing on social media or including in an online portfolio of my work)
  • I am not allowed to use the design for any other purpose unless I get your permission
  • You are allowed to use the design to help market your book
  • You are not allowed to sell merchandise that uses that design – if you want to do this, please let me know and we can discuss what options are available
  • The licence only comes into effect once I have received payment in full – until then, you are not allowed to use the cover design


  • If you do not pay for your book cover by the date shown in the invoice, I have the right to charge interest
  • If you have paid for your book cover and then change your mind, no refunds are payable (but please have a chat with me about why you’re changing your mind and I will do my best to work out how else I can help)
  • If you have not paid for your book cover and then change your mind, you do not have to pay me anything
  • If you change your mind and cancel your order, you are not allowed to use the cover design

The design

  • I will do my best to deliver the final book cover to you by the date we agree
  • If this is not possible, I will let you know as soon as possible
  • Once you have your final book cover(s) you need to let me know within 21 days if there are any problems
  • I am providing you with a warranty to confirm that I have produced this as an original design (ie I have not copied it) and that it does not infringe on anyone’s copyright
  • I am also confirming that I have not already sold this design to anyone else
  • You are providing me with a warranty to confirm that you have a right to use anything that you give to me for inclusion in the cover design (for example, you have the right to use the author photo you want to include on the design, or the text/title/name that you want to use)

Governing law

  • This agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales and any claims must go through the English courts

Your information

I have to record some information about you in order to fulfil this agreement. The Acceptance document tells you more about what information I will record and your rights regarding that information.

Sample Acceptance document

Sample terms and conditions
Sample terms and conditions

Sample pre made book cover terms and conditions

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