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How much does a cover cost?

A pre-made ebook cover costs £55 and a pre-made ebook and paperback cover package costs £75.

A full list of what is included in that price and details of additional options you can choose, is available on the pricing page.

When do I need to pay?

Once you have approved the proofs showing my pre-made design updated with your title, author name etc.

Read more about how the process works.

Do you offer refunds?

Because you are purchasing a pre-designed cover, you can see what you are purchasing before you decide to buy. As such, no refunds are provided.

If you choose not to proceed, before you have submitted payment, please let me know so that I can release the cover for other customers to choose.

How are the covers made?

Each pre-made cover has been designed and created by me, Jon Stubbington. The artwork is created using a combination of photographic elements and illustrations.

Do you use stock photographs or images?

No. All photographic elements included in my cover designs have come from my own collection of photographs. As well as giving me complete control over the design, it also avoids the problem of seeing the same stock images turn up in multiple cover designs.

No one else has access to my photographic library, so all of my covers are unique. You will not find my photos or illustrations on any other book covers.

Read more about the problems with stock photos.

Are there any download limits?

No. Sometimes, when a designer uses a stock image or photograph, the stock image provider places a limit on the number of times that image can be downloaded. This can mean that a book cover using that image can only be downloaded a maximum of 250,000 times (for example). This issue can usually be overcome by contacting your cover designer and purchasing an extended licence which allows for more downloads to be made. It does, however, require you to keep track of how many downloads have been made, to make sure you are not breaching the terms of your licence.

Because I do not use stock images, there are no restrictions on any of my pre-made covers.

Who holds the copyright for the cover design?

As the creator of the cover design, I automatically hold the copyright for that design. When you purchase a pre-made cover from me, I grant you a licence to use that design for your book.

The acceptance paperwork I send to you confirms the licences you have purchased (for example, it specifies if you have purchased an ebook licence only, or an ebook and a paperback). If you have any questions about any of the terms, or about the licences you have purchased, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

You can read a copy of the terms here.

Will you resell my cover?

No. I sell each cover once. That way, you can be reassured that your cover design is unique. You are granted an exclusive licence for that cover design.

What can I do with my cover?

As well as uploading it to your ebook and print companies, you can use the cover to promote and market your book. For example, you can share it on social media or add it to your website.

I am more than happy for you to use the cover design to promote your book as much as you like. After all, I want your book to be a success too.

Credit and a link back to www.coversforbooks.com (or to my social media accounts) is always appreciated, but I do not insist on it.

Can I alter the design myself?

No. The licence I provide allows you to use the cover on your book and for promotion, but it does not allow you to alter the image yourself.

If you would like changes made to the artwork this may be possible. Please let me know what you would like and we can go from there.

Can I sell the design?

No. You can produce materials to help market your book, such as bookmarks, that reuse part or all of the design but you cannot sell these. They can be offered for free.

If you would like to make items to sell, such as prints of the cover artwork, please let me know and we can go from there.

What can you do with my cover?

I retain the right to use the cover as an example of my work. It may appear on my social media accounts or in a gallery of covers on this website.

If you have a release date for your book and you do not want me to share your finished cover publicly before that date, that’s not a problem. Just let me know when you complete your purchase questionnaire or drop me an email to let me know.

Can I use an ebook cover for a printed book?

No. If you have purchased an ebook cover only, you are not allowed to turn that into a printed cover. You have only purchased a licence to use the design for an ebook.

If you would like to use the cover on a paperback as well, that’s no problem. Let me know and I will arrange for your licence to be extended for paperback use and I will send you an invoice for the additional £20 payment required. I will also provide you with a new purchase questionnaire to capture the extra information I need to prepare your paperback cover.

Can I upgrade from ebook to ebook and paperback at any time?

Absolutely. If you have purchased an ebook cover, you can come back to me at any point and ask for it to be upgraded to a paperback cover as well.

Can I purchase a cover even if I don’t know my title yet?

Yes. If you see a pre-made cover you like and want to purchase it for a book you’re still working on, that’s no problem.

Fill in as much of the purchase questionnaire as you can, and tick the “Purchasing in Advance” box. I will ask for a 50% deposit to be paid to secure the cover, with the other 50% to be paid as per normal, once you have approved the proofs.

How can I credit you in my book?

A cover credit is most often added on the book’s information/copyright page. Something like this would be fantastic:

“Cover illustration and design by Jon Stubbington (www.coversforbooks.com)” or “Cover illustration and design by Jon Stubbington” (if you would prefer not to include the link).

As standard, my pre-made paperback covers also come with a cover credit on the back cover.

Do I need to provide a barcode and an ISBN?

Possibly. It will depend on which print company you are using and where you want your book to be stocked. I will ask for this information in my purchase questionnaire.

Read more about barcodes and ISBNs.

I would love to extend this to a series – can I get more covers for the rest of the series?

Definitely. Future covers will be created as custom covers just for you. Let me know what you need and I can provide an appropriate quote for you.

I have heard that Amazon won’t allow adverts that feature weapons – is this true?

Amazon have rules around what imagery is allowed to be used in adverts. Weapons can be shown in advert imagery, but it depends on how they are being used.

I cannot guarantee that a cover design can be used in Amazon (or other) adverts. It is up to you to make sure that the cover you are purchasing is right for you and what you need to use it for.

For more information about what is and isn’t allowed, please read this article about Amazon adverts and guns. [coming soon]

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